How to Donate Your Used Books

Where Can I Donate Books

How to Donate Your Used Books

You can check out our list of donation compromises to witness if there is an establishment roughly you. We’ll walk you through the possibilities of selling your old stuff and claiming tax deductions. The associations on this list flatter themselves by donating and reclaiming things like furniture and instruments that may be of use to others. There are other opportunities as well.

The Companion of the Library cluster welcomes donations of reinvigorated and operated hardcover and paperback books, archives, CDs, and DVDs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at their sorting headquarters uncovered at 4747 West Napoleon Avenue in the Administration Department of the East Bank Regional Library in Metairie. There are correspondingly drop compartments on the side of the construction honored for Companions between 9 am and 1 pm.

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Where Can I Donate Books?

Especially if your shelves are full, books are made to be read and enjoyed, not sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Therefore, it only makes sense to pass them by and allow someone else to fall in love with them for the first time. Deciding when to give up your beloved books can be difficult.

While it’s important to hold onto your absolute favorites, there’s little use hanging onto books you know you’ll never read again. But where in the UK can you donate your books? Well, there are plenty of possibilities obtainable, and we’re proceeding to walk you through them all here.

Charity Shops

So currently is the perfect moment to support those in requirement and participate in undersized goodwill. In the post-Covid aftermath, many charities in the UK are struggling to make a living. As a book enthusiast, you include the possibility to put your assemblage of pre-loved books to acceptable benefit by contributing them to charity.

Once vented, the money from your books will help the charity fund the important work it does. There are a number of book charities that aim to provide books to countries in most need.

But even charities that are not book-related often accept book donations; In fact, most charity shops you see on the street will take your unwanted books off-hand to sell them. Here are some UK understandings that you can donate your books to:

Oxfam, The British Red Cross, The Salvation Army,  The Literacy Trust

You just have to find a store that intentionally assumes your books and drops them off. Presenting your books to a friendliness shop is a great way to give back and give the joy of reading to others.

It is highly likely that they may already be at capacity for the number of books they can use, so don’t be surprised if your books are turned away. However, book donations are very widespread within neighborliness marts and mandate the use of their resources to sort, price, and sell them.

We Buy Books

Now, your strength considers that selling your books isn’t as good a doing as contributing them to charity, but if we buy books, it is. As the number one book-selling usefulness in the UK, We Buy Books is an excellent place for you to donate your pre-loved books.

So when you donate your books to WebyBooks, you can be happy knowing that your books will be given to another to love, and you’ll be donating money to a fantastic cause too. Plus, if you choose to use our understanding donation component, you’ll be competent to donate the economic value of your books to an understanding of your choice.

Every textbook sold to us will find a new owner, providing it with a second life. Whereas marketing your books and presenting the money to buy books will support the charity to go presently to the items they need at no cost. Donating your books to a charity mart is a sumptuous way to help, but selling them and making money takes time and resources.

How Does This Work?

Thoroughly choose a friendliness from the dropdown list, and we’ll send your cash on hand directly to them. We will accept practically any book to sell, including fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, textbooks, travel guides, and more.

With free postage or residence collection possibilities, the process really couldn’t be easier. When you use our charitable donation feature, the process for selling your books to us is the same as expected, but rather than penetrating your payment components at checkout, and you’ll choose to donate to a charitable cause.

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Where to Donate Books

If you’re feeling munificent, donating your operated books can be a wonderful way for them to find an affectionate residence.


Local libraries give us lots of books for free – let’s give something back to them. Libraries usually suppose assistance and sell those books at a Companion of the Library fundraiser.

Local Thrift Store

If you’re fumbling minimalistic, they’ll actually take books in acceptable condition and off the bookshelf they’re on. Friendliness accepts much more additional than clothing.

Commune here to witness if Goodwill has a need for utilized books roughly you. Make sure you correspond with these stores in somebody, though; Some may have additional requirements than others. Different local thrift stores will correspondingly usually receive book contributions.


They provide a consequential source of notification and relations to the suspension of the world. Penitentiaries are in dire requirement of old readers. Commune here for more additional knowledge on what and how to contribute.


Especially if you’re providing away accustomed children’s books, a local crude school library or classroom could be a wonderful new residence for them. Schools want your employed books too.

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Where to Sell Books

If you’re momentary on money and your books are in an acceptable situation, you can market them for some modification or statement distinction.

  • They intend correspondingly donate or reclaim the books they cannot sell. Click here to encounter a store around you. Half-Price Books will get those old books off your needles. Plus, they’ll present you a nice fragment of change in recovery or store credit, if that’s your something which it presumably is.
  • Plus, you’re sustaining undersized enterprises always an honorable thing. Indie bookstores are correspondingly an excellent option for marketing your finished books. Local stores will usually give you a good amount of store credit or even cash. As with any separated enterprise, correspond with respective accounts concerning their procedures.
  • These stores can be the best option for used textbooks, but keep in mind that they usually won’t give you much in return. Online bookstores are another manner of acquiring rid of your supplementary books.

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Free Book Donation Pickup

How It Works

During pickup, we cannot suggest tax-deductible conditions because we do not presently control nonprofit status. Once we have a pick up time scheduled, one or two of our crew members will drive to your location. Our team members come with the boxes as and when required. Where does it go? We encounter your commodity, a new home, through one of our considerable spiritualists.

If we can’t put them back in the house, they will be recycled responsibly. On intermediate, The Book Rescue finds new residences for 95% of the books we accept, and the remainder is reclaimed. Book Rescue offers a free service that picks up books and media. Do you have school supplies or household hampers? We can carry them too.

What We Pick

Books are our leading cause, whereas we’ll correspondingly pick up CDs, DVDs, laser discs, electronics, software, LPs, video competitions, school/office reserves, and occasional accessory items: hardcover books, paperback textbooks, and books.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Donate Used Books

Donation Centres For Books in Lucknow

  • Maa Geeta Educational And Welfare Society. 4.8. 14 Ratings. Ka Talab Bakshi Ka Talab. Most searched. Call Now.
  • A. Ek Parivartan Foundation. 5.0. 4 Ratings. Aliganj Sector – A Lucknow. Call Now.
  • Milli Foundation. 4.5. 3 Ratings. Sector N Aliganj. Trending. Call Now.
  • Bandhudonation. Call Now.

Where Can I Donate The Used Books That Are No More Useful to Me?

Bring your new or gently used books to a local donation center, which you can find on the Goodwill website.

  • Andy Cross/Getty Images. Little Free Diverse Libraries (Diverse Stories) Accepted books: Diverse books.
  • Via Better World Books. Accepted books: Any.
  • Loop Images/Getty Images. Salvation Army.

Do I Get Any Benefit When I Donate My Used Book?

You probably help more than one person by donating books. It’s a chain of good vibes, and here’s how one act of book donation can help many.

To Whom My Used Donated Books Are Given?

Local libraries and college libraries would be grateful for your donation. Only true readers and the ones who need to research would bother to use them, and your contribution will be appreciated.

How to Donate Your Used Books

You may donate a book to someone known to you in the neighborhood and if possible, to an underprivileged person or a youngster. You can participate in book donation drives and programs which seek to help literacy classes, schools, low-income communities, libraries, book clubs, etc.

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